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Private/Group rates.

Youth Basic Firearm Safety workshop is a 3-hour, ( 2 hours in classroom & 1  range time) family-oriented class for youth ages 12 and older. Students are taught the universal firearm safety rules and are introduced to various shooting sports and activities.

Youth Basic Firearm Safety class will teach students the basic operation of a .22 rimfire rifle, shooting fundamentals, cleaning and storage, and range rules and etiquette.

The certified instructor will also discuss replica guns, airsoft guns and, pellet guns. 

The Youth Basic Firearm Safety course is taught in a way and in language youths can easily understand. Emphasis is places on safely firing a firearm and satisfying a child's natural curiosity about firearm. 


  • Eye and ear protection

  • Firearm rental (.22) caliber rifle

  • Ammunition (.22LR)

  • Targets

  • Range & Classroom




  • Prerequisites:  A responsible adult must accompany the child. Child & Guardian must complete the questionnaire form.

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Private/Group rates

What do you do in a home invasion? 

What is home defense ?

Do you have a plan? 

How about a "code word?

Do you have a designated safe room?

Are you prepared for the just incase?

What is the just incase?


This training will lend you the tools to create a sensible and efficient home protection plan that will need to be practice and revised as needed by all members of the household as often as needed to ensure the plans’ effectiveness in the event of the just incase.



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Private/Group rates


Stay Frosty Defensive Tactics offers individuals trainings that affords them the opportunity to identify their own inadvertent contributions to possible preventable incidents. Learning how to first Avoid, then Escape and Defend if there is no other options.

It is important that when faced with a circumstance one must ask themselves two questions, is it worth dying over or is it worth going to prison?

It’s a personal decision but you must be prepared and ready to accept the choice you make or not make.


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Private/Group rates

Stay Frosty Defensive Tactics offer basic firearms safety fundamentals and marksmanship classes to help highlight the importance of SAFETY FIRST no matter how proficient or new an individual is to the 2A community.

1. Treat every firearm as if it was loaded

2. Always keep your firearm pointed in a safe direction

3. Never point your firearm at anything you don't intend to shoot

4. Always keep your finger off the trigger until you're ready to shoot

5. Be sure of your target and what's beyond it

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Private/Group rates


One of the most positive attributes to being part of the 2A community is the way folks share and provide support to each other no matter, the color, creed, religion, gender or political affiliation.

This service provides all new 2A starters with the guidance and mentorship to aide in the purchase of a new gear, firearms, trainings and all 2A accoutrements that will be tailored to the individuals personal 2A goals.

We accompany individuals to make their first purchase and return to the range to break that first shot.

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Firearm Cleaning & Maintenance

Private/Group rates

Did you know that cleaning a firearm will make it more reliable and accurate?

A Responsible gun owner firearm should never collect dust, it’s not a piece of furniture”.

Just like your temple( your body) you have to clean, maintain and handle it with care the same goes for your firearms. Firearms need to be maintained regularly just like your physical, emotional, spiritual, psychological health. Always assess the condition of your firearm before and after operating.


Checked to ensure that there are no loose or missing parts, rust or lead build up. Individual will be educated on the importance of keeping all firearms healthy, both externally and internally.

We offer training on how to properly maintain your firearm.


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Assistance With Obtaining Firearm Permit/License in NEW YORK CITY & LONG  ISLAND

With our first hand experiences we offer to guide you through the process from beginning to attainment of permit/ license. Please note that results varies and is based upon individuals qualifications submitted to the jurisdiction/ county they resides
***Each county has a different process and requirements

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